Dive deeply into your painting practice, developing your authentic voice in your work, while learning how to create abstract paintings from beginning to end and everything in between, from supplies to colors to how to create a successful painting! Join teachers & professional artists Mati McDonough and Faith Evans-Sills in this Self Study Session of their popular Abstract Bliss E-Course, an 8 week deep dive adventure into the world of Abstract Painting. In this class you’ll experience double the teachers, double the art  🙂 for almost 80 inspiring lessons. You’ll journey each week through a new topic, a new way of working and seeing through paint. We go deeply into the following topics:

In this E-Course:

  • Our tried and true favorite supplies!
  • Color Mixing & ways to play with colors, creating unique combinations with materials that you already have.
  • Finding Inspiration, where to look and how to use what inspires you to create paintings that you love!
  • Composition & Scale: how these two elements help you create successful paintings.
  • Beginning a Painting: overcoming that “white canvas” paralysis
  • Finding Your Personal Subject Matter
  • Abstracting our World: abstract landscapes
  • Creating a Personal Vocabulary of Marks & Symbols that you can turn to again and again in your studio, making your work uniquely you.
  • Using Alternative Materials
  • Cultivating Quiet in your work
  • Exploring the Language of Shape to develop your own style.
  • Creating Luscious painted Layers
  • Bringing it all Together, we’ll show you how to combine everything that we learn into a beautiful whole! and so much more!!!

We’ll walk you through each weekly topic with start to finish painting videos, inspirational prompts & guided activities in our private online classroom.  This class is open to all skill levels and all creative spirits looking to deepen their painting practice, broaden their painting skills, work their bravery muscles in the studio and expand their personal voice in their paintings. Let’s dive in!



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  • Class begins June 29th, 2020 and registration will stay open until July 13th.


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JUNE 29th 2020

Online, self-paced

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Take A Deeper Look Inside This Course…

This class is for anyone looking to grow their unique voice in their work, expand their techniques & ways of thinking through paint, and come away with a stronger vision of where they are going in their painting practice.



Each week in our Online Classroom we’ll follow a rhythm to help you stay focused on your goals and our weekly topics.

MONDAYS… At the start of each week we’ll introduce our weekly topics. You’ll receive access to two long painting demo videos each Monday, one by Mati and one by Faith. These instructional demo videos will be around 15-18 minutes long, and will walk you through our painting processes based on the weekly topic. These videos will usually show you the start to finish creation of one of our abstract paintings! We encourage you to turn up the music and paint along with us!

TUESDAYS… are our Studio Chat days! Mati and Faith will post a weekly video chat as they discuss a wide range of topics relating to painting and developing a thriving painting practice! Topics include: How to Create A Successful Abstract Painting!, Creating a Series, and all about Collaboration! , Staying Inspired! , Manifestos & Mindfulness , Tapping Into Your Own Creativity, Asking THE Questions, What to do to get Yourself Do-ing, the Behind the Scenes Story of our Book, and more…

WEDNESDAYS… are our Watercolor Warm up day, where Mati or Faith will post another long painting demo video, we’ll dive deeply into using watercolor explorations as a creative fuel throughout your painting practice to develop & explore imagery and ideas in a freeing way!

THURSDAYS… are our inspiration day, where we’ll post videos, ideas and other bits of inspiration centered around weekly themes to keep you inspired through your week.

FRIDAYS… are our sharing day, where we invite you to be Daring together and share your work and ask for feedback from the group of other people doing the Self Study Class. You are also invited to share your work in the private Facebook group for more feedback!



This class really got my painting practice moving. I love where the inspiration has met me and I feel like I’m actually finding my own voice. Having done other online classes I feel the rhythm of this class has been so beneficial.. Having a lesson every day so I’m consistently showing up to my own imagination but with room to breathe through it. Thank you thank you thank you. I am excited to see what I create next and how my own style will merge and develop.”

– Belinda Chappell


Mati and Faith are beautiful, vibrant, fierce female goddesses. They have inspired my painting practice and my life tremendously. I have done a few e-courses and they are fantastic because you get to meet artists from all over the world and you build this little community of support for each other. I developed the courage to share my art in this space privately and that helped me to feel confident to share it on a public platform like Instagram, which for me was hard because I’ve been social media-resistant for years because I am passionate about boundaries. 😉 Anyway, I am learning to live with boundaries AND share my art and soul. Mati and Faith have similar aesthetics but have a very distinct personal style. They encourage you to also develop your own vocabulary of mark-making and your voice. I really felt seen, valued, and encouraged here and I would recommend this class for any human being. Art-making is therapeutic and magical and fun and I love seeing everyone’s particular style. With love and gratitude! Thank you Mati and Faith for your presence and love. <3″

– Laura Marsolais


I feel like this class has been a sanctuary, a painting sisterhood, a place for growth and inspiration! My favorite painting class ever. Faith and Mati’s passion and gentle guidance and instruction have been a breath of fresh air into my artistic endeavors. I can’t wait to continue the journey!”

– Kathy Anne


I just want to say thank you from the depth of my heart and soul for this amazing class. You both have a beautiful purpose in this world and I am so honored to be a witness and student of your gifts and teachings. I have learned so much about abstract, myself and my art. I have painted more than I did in art school!”

– Jennifer Perry


I really love love love this course very much! Not only teaching me painting technique, both of you also shared spirit, courage, fear…these true feeling of you! That make me gradually to accept my imperfection, and become less fear! I enjoyed every moment of painting! Also love the group here! I love to see,and read every response! It’s very important that show me the variety way to see every painting! Learn so much!”

– Joy Lui


This class was so helpful. It really helped me move forward and out of my comfort zone. I actually feel like I can now see a path forward with abstract work that I wasn’t able to see before (!!)  And I really enjoyed seeing other people’s work too, it was so inspiring.”

– Lisa Sousa


Hugest unending thanks and gratitude to you both, Mati and Faith – the structure and love and compassion which you send out and share in these classes is so gentle, nurturing and supportive – it’s really the perfect loving recipe for me – and I thank you so very much. Your guidance is cracking open and helping me to welcome adore and accept the creative side within me which has yearned to be expressed for a lifetime – thank you for helping me connect further with myself and all of you wonderful souls.”

– Quigley



Q: Who is this class for?
A: This online class is open to all skill levels and all creative spirits looking to deepen their painting practice, broaden their painting skills and work their bravery muscles in the studio!

Q: What materials do I need for this course, do I need a studio space?
A: No, you do not need a separate studio space for this course, but it will be much easier if you have a spot in your home that is dedicated just to painting. This could be a corner of your kitchen, dining room or just a cabinet where you store your supplies so you can easily access them when your inspiration strikes. Some of our projects will be messy and you will want a place where you can feel free to let those spirits lead you without worry. We will give you a list of art supplies, many of which you probably already have in your studio/art bin. We’ll primarily use acrylic paints and watercolors, we’ll go into detail during our first week of class sharing our favorite brands with you.

Basic course material include: 4-6 canvases (around 12 by 12 inches or larger), a simple set of acrylic paint including white & black, a simple watercolor set, a cold pressed watercolor pad, acrylic paint pens & markers, a variety of pens & pencils, gold leaf & foil, adhesive (modpodge or mat medium), a variety of sizes of paint brushes. You will also need a camera (just the camera on your phone is fine!) to document your work as you create it, and share it with the private Facebook Group if you choose to!

Q: How long will I have access to the course material?
A: The class will begin June 29 2020, and will run for 8 weeks. You’ll have access to all course material & workshop content for 6 months from the start of the class, to enjoy, explore and dive into as many times as you like. You simply need to be logged into your account on Ruzuku, the site that hosts my online classes, to access the workshop!

Q: Do I have to complete all the projects?
A: You will have access to the course material for a full 6 months in our online classroom, so you can go at your own pace! No need to worry if you miss a class or a week or a lesson! We want this class to feed your inspiration, and be a receptive place where you can relax and re-energize your art practice. You will never get any guilt or pressure from us or within the group to complete projects. Participants can share their projects in our password protected online classroom, as well as on Instagram as they feel led using our tag #abstractbliss, gaining feedback and inspiration from each other!

Q: It’s already part of the way through the class, is it too late to start the class?
A:We will leave registration open for the first two weeks of class, through July 15, so that late comers can feel free to jump right in and still have 6 juicy weeks of live class plus access to all of the course material already covered!! Plus you’ll be able to go back and cover all of the lessons & topics for the whole 6 months. Its always a great time to join our community!

Q: How does the online class work?
A: We’ll have our own easy to access password protected online classroom where we’ll gather as a group. Mati and Faith will both invite you into their studios, discuss supplies and share all of their tips & tricks through video presentations. The course will have a strong weekly rhythm, with posts every week day for our 8 weeks together (Monday through Friday). Our goal is to keep you on track and inspired! We’ll also have our special social media tag #abstractbliss to use when we share our work online throughout the course, building our community and tribe. You do not have to check into the class at specific times. You can access the week’s assignments as your own schedule permits, and in your own time zone. We’d love for everyone to check into the online classroom and read new course material several times a week, however we understand that this isn’t possible for all our busy lives and that everyone will be at their own pace!

You can choose to share your art with the group by posting it on the Friday Sharing Days in our online classroom, this will be a completely private place for just our group and any thing shared there will only be visible to others signed up for the class. Sharing your work is an important part of learning to paint, developing your style and growing your work. We encourage participation and discussion within the group in our classroom, any mean and overly critical dialogue will not be tolerated. We encourage and strive to create a safe, positive environment for sharing and growing together!

Q: How does sign up work?
A: After you click the Register Now button below, you’ll be directed to my online e-course host Ruzuku to sign up and pay, remember to use any discount code at checkout! You’ll create your own personal account with Ruzuku which you’ll use to sign in and access our online classroom. When a new lesson is available in our online classroom you will receive an email letting you know.

Q: What’s the difference between your Abstract Bliss and your Painting the Sacred Within Instant and Forever Access Classes!?
A: The main difference between the two classes is that Abstract Bliss focuses on Abstract Painting, while Painting the Sacred Within is focused on exploring 12 different topics within painting (watercolor, focal point, animals, words, painting your story, geometrics, florals, mandalas, inspiration gathering, and more) we cover these topics one at a time in different units to introduce a broad survey of what’s available for developing your personal Creative Voice.

They are both large classes, dense & rich with content and lessons, lots of deep dives into the topics and assignments! These classes offer completely different lessons & videos. Painting the Sacred Within is slightly larger with about 120 videos, while Abstract Bliss has about 80 lessons. And both classes will keep you painting in a sustained way for quite a while! We originally designed Painting the Sacred Within to be a year long class, so there really is enough content in there to keep you painting for a year! 🙂 Abstract Bliss has so many lessons that you can do them all in the 8 weeks, as the class was designed, or spread them out over months, its really your choice!!

Q: Do you offer refunds?
A: No refunds will be offered. Online access to the course material is given at the time of purchase so it is not possible to offer refunds. Thanks for your understanding.



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  • available until June 22nd!
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  • Class begins June 29th, 2020 and registration will stay open until July 13th.


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We’re so excited to share this exciting class with you!

Sending you so much inspiration for the painting journey!




FAITH is a painter, wife, mother, world traveler and New York City transplant. With 20+ years of personal painting experience she enjoys inspiring others to manifest their most heartfelt ideas through creating art. Her art has been exhibited widely, included in multiple publications and she is very excited to now be fulfilling her longtime dream of offering creative workshops and retreats. She lives with her husband and 3 young children by the sea in Charleston, South Carolina, where they enjoy exploring southern beaches and maintaining a close connection with nature through frequent trips to wild places. Follow along here on her eponymous blog and on Instagram where she posts daily beauty and inspiration.


MATI ROSE MCDONOUGH is an artist and daring adventurer whose name is pronounced Matey, like Ahoy! She is an Oakland, California based artist, illustrator, painting teacher and author of “Daring Adventures in Paint”. After wanting to be an artist for many years, but feeling like it was “impractical,” at 29 years Mati took the leap and went back to art school at the California College of the Arts. Almost 10 years later, she is still excited and terrified every time she sees a blank canvas. She has had dozens of art shows, taught painting classes internationally and had her art used by clients Patagonia, University Games, Pier 1, as well as greeting cards, and her very own home decor line. She also has illustrated several children’s books including “i carry your heart” written by ee cummings.

Through her workshops,book, and popular online course, she spreads a warm message of creative courage: IT’S NEVER TOO LATE TO SHOW THE WORLD YOUR MAGIC.