My book is available in my shop for pre-order!!! Signed and with a limited edition print of a painting from the book! Coming out in July: 

I can not even begun to express what an incredible journey creating this book has been. Reading it now, I feel like I wrote it as medicine to my future self. Writing from a place of strength, courage and inspiration for my current self who’s feeling broken hearted and wobbly. I wrote it to remember that feeling of seeking treasures in art-making. It is more than just a how-to painting book. As the subtitle says: It’s about Finding your Flow, Trusting Your Path, and Discovering your Authentic Voice in the process of making art. It’s about a practice of being open to the inspiration and beauty in your surrounding, and infusing your art with your unique take. I also had the honor of working with my friend and beauty capturer leslie sophia lindell as the photographer who infused even more gorgeousness onto the pages!