Monica + The Handsome Brunettes

Hi friends,

On Sunday I heard my friend Monica’s beautiful new song and immediately thought about my recent painting ‘Let Go’ and offered to contribute it to her campaign.

Monica and Josh are raising money on Indiegogo to record an album. The campaign is doing great but they could always use more help, so I’m offering up limited edition archival prints of my painting as one of the perks!
There is a synchronicity to what we created. I was thinking how funny it is that she never saw my piece ‘ Let Go’ and yet,  the lyrics of her song use this phrase, and the song mentions strings, which I have as red lines in my painting.   Here is the chorus of her song:
There are strings in my human heart
That can pull apart, they can pull apart
I could leave everything I know
I could let it go, I could just let go
And here is my painting. Pretty cool, huh?
Listen to Monica and Josh perform the whole song and consider pitching in.  Every little bit helps!

Mati Rose

gratitude + announcing my beachside retreat :)

The spring session of Daring Adventures in Paint + Life starts tomorrow, April 5!
I am deeply thankful for the magic that unfolds during this special ecourse
– and for each + every student who dares to dive in + discover it.
Check out our virtual classroom to get inspired!

Still on the fence?
Here’s a little last-minute sweetness just for you: 

30 percent off for blog readers

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All your questions answered here :)

Thank you to everyone who came to the book launch party at Mrs. Dalloway’s last week!

Super cute:

Portland Locals: Come to Story Time!
I’ll be reading i carry your heart with me at Green Bean Books
Tuesday, April 15 at 11 a.m.
Free fun for kids of all ages!

Limited edition prints and original paintings also available now in my Etsy shop!

I am thrilled to announce my next in-person painting retreat,
hosted by SOULSHINE Studio in coastal New York!

Get a peek at the location here.
A perfect excuse to treat yourself, no?

Thanks for sharing the joy of art with me!

are you ready for your daring adventure?

NEW early bird spring_bright

Details here :)

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Color Collecting

If you know one thing about me, it’s how much I love COLOR. I mean looooove. A good color combo is better than chocolate — well, as good as chocolate, let’s say ;) So you can imagine how pumped I was to see my dear friend Andrea‘s new offering: a 30-day adventure in color collecting. It’s all about finding joy + gratitude through the creative process. Sounds scrumptious!

This delightful, affordable e-course starts this coming Monday! Let’s get our treasure hunt on…


30 days of photo prompts right to your inbox.

Remember how much you loved treasure hunts as a kid? We’re bringing the joy of that time back. Further your creative practice with photography, get a spark of inspiration directly in your inbox each day and share the spoils of your hunts in an encouraging Flickr community for other treasure seekers.

The fun begins TODAY. You can register here!

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • A creative photo prompt each day in your inbox
  • Photo tips + creative musings to inspire your work
  • A warm, encouraging community space on Flickr to share your work and support your fellow treasure seekers! (I will be popping in there to view your work and support your practice)

Benefits of treasure seeking:

  • Jumpstart your creativity or add a new spark to your existing practice
  • Come away with a collection of creative images illustrating your life right now
  • A gratitude practice using your camera as a tool + beauty as your lens
  • A whole month of drinking in everyday beauty
  • Inspiring photos taken with your camera phone.
  • Has your blog been collecting dust? Infuse it with new colorful content!

Here is a sample of one of the prompts:

Screen shot 2014-03-10 at 5.02.13 PM

So fun, Andrea!! See more here :)

Daring Adventures in Creative Biz: Selling + Shipping on Etsy

creative biz


Welcome to the second post in my Daring Adventures in Creative Biz series! You can view the first post here.

etsy shipping


Many new artists ask me how to start selling on Etsy. Here’s an intro to launching an Etsy shop:

Etsy (an online marketplace for handmade goods) is a fantastic tool for independent artists/creatives. Setting up my Etsy shop helped me get my biz started years ago, and I still use it to sell my art prints, original paintings, books, and other products + services like creative mentoring.

Etsy has a free online Seller Handbook filled with instructions + resources to help you launch your shop. It takes time to set up your shop initially. There are lots of ways to fancy-up your shop, but at the very minimum you will need to provide your contact + bank account info (so you can get paid!), create a custom shop banner, and add quality photos + detailed descriptions of each item you want to sell.

Eventually, your shop will look something like this, with a custom banner, sections, and featured items for sale:

Screen Shot 2014-03-07 at 3.45.08 PM


New + established artists alike ask me how I package + ship my Etsy orders. I must say, I’ve got quite a smooth operation in place, and I’d love to share it with you:

If you buy your packaging + shipping supplies at an office supply store or post office, they are surprisingly (even prohibitively) expensive. So I bulk order professional supplies online:

Note: I purchase non-bulk supplies (e.g. packing tape, sharpies, mailing labels, bubble wrap) when I’m at the office supply store/post office.


I recently started shipping directly from my studio — no more waiting in line at the post office! How is this even possible, you ask??

  • First, pre-pay for USPS postage by purchasing shipping labels on Etsy. You will need a shipping scale to weigh your packages + pay postage accordingly. After paying for postage, Etsy will provide you with a shipping label that you print + affix to the outside of your package — simply tape the label on, or print on sticky label paper!
  • Next, schedule a package pickup with USPS. You can even schedule regular weekly pickups if you so choose! Pickup is free if you schedule it during their regular route times. You will need to quickly set up a USPS account to do this.

How cool is that? As a creative biz owner, little time-savers like this help you stay productive + in the flow!

Bottom line: Use quality packaging/shipping materials to protect your merchandise + make it look professional. It’s so important to package your orders well! Beyond giving a good impression, it ensures that your items arrive undamaged!

Got a specific Creative Biz question for me? Email 

I’m also available for Creative Mentoring here.