Winner of LB 2015

Winner of the Life Book class is #33 Prerna whose daring act is below! I’ll be in touch with details. Congrats and Thank you everyone for entering!!! I was so inspired reading everyone’s daring acts. I hope you all join me and sign up for Life Book! 


  •  Prerna
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    gold leafing. want to learn it for a long long time. this week I dared to put boundaries and ensured drama and negativity dint ever my life and sap me again. there are some people who are eternally negative. keeping them at bay so they don’t ruin your peaceful life is important. So I stood up for myself this week.

I also want to share my podcast with the fantastic Tiffany Han that just aired <3

Happy weekend!


ecourse bonanza!

Hi friends,

Is it just me or are there so many awesome ecourses out there right now? Two of my art friends Alena Hennessy and Jessica Swift wrote me about their courses and I’m totally signing up for both stat! Coincidentally, I feature interviews with both of them in MY painting ecourse: Daring Adventures in Paint available for instant access here!

Jessica’s Pattern Design Class starts next weekend! I’m so excited to learn more about creating Repeat patterns!
Learn more about Pattern Camp here !


Alena Hennessy’s Co-Lab class looks amazing too! It’s a collaboration with photographer Susan Tuttle and Alena who is a mixed-media painter who came together to create: Paint, Paper & IPhoneography Magic! I’m excited to learn how to create dreamy iphone paintings + photos like students  below:

julia godden

cheryl greene

Aren’t those incredible?! To find out more info on CoLab Artistry click here! 



Lifebook 2015

Hi friends,

I’ve been loving teaching lately in person and online! Below is a painting demo of mine showing how to use multiple techniques including gold + silver leafing! Which brings me to my next offering where I will share how to incorporate this fun medium into our paintings in this rad YEAR long painting class called LIFEBOOK.

Click here to view more details !!



Life book 2015 is a YEAR-LONG online course featuring 26 different teachers with 26 different perspectives on the creative process. Life Book is packed with lessons, inspiration and a vibrant community of artists from all over the world.

I’m happy to be joined by art pals Flora Bowley, Jessica SwiftLynzee Lynx and Alena Hennessy to name a few!  If you are seeking a year long course of artistic discovery jam-packed with different rock star art teachers, Life Book may be the answer!

Registration for Life Book 2015 opens on October 6th and the course begins on January 1st, 2015.

I have the tremendous honor to give away 1 FREE SPOT!  To enter, leave a comment about something DARING you’ve done this week :)

I will pick a winner on October 3rd after the blog hop!

Click here to view more details !


All the wonderful Life Book teachers are giving away spots on their blogs (see the schedule below), so check em out.

8th September 2014 – Tamara Laporte – 
9th September 2014 – Jane Davenport –
10th September 2014 – Joanne Sharpe –
11th September 2014 –  Jenny Lee Wentworth –
12th September 2014 –  Violette Clark –
13th September 2014 –  Chris Zydel –
14th September 2014 –  Danielle Donaldson –
15th September 2014 –  Effy Wild –
16th September 2014 –  Flora Bowley –
17th September 2014 –  Alisa Burke –
18th September 2014 –  Rachael Rice –
19th September 2014 –  Jeanne Oliver –
20th September 2014 –  Andrea Gomoll –
21st September 2014 –  Kristin van Valkenburgh –
22nd September 2014 –  Jill K. Berry –
23rd September 2014 –  Alena Hennessy –
24th September 2014 –  Juliette Crane –
25th September 2014 –  Jenny Doh –
26th September 2014 –  Mati Rose McDonough –
27th September 2014 –  Patti Ballard – 
28th September 2014 –  Lynzee Lynx –
29th September 2014 –  Roben Marie Smith –
30th September 2014 –  Andrea Schroeder –
1st October 2014 –  Lynn Whipple –
2nd October 2014 –  Donna Downey –

Click here to view more details !!

superhero bundle

Dear friends,
There’s an AWESOME ecourse sale happening! For just $99 you can have access to my Daring Adventures in Collage AND  11 other amazing offerings like Kelly Rae’s flying lessons and Andrea Scher’s Treasure Hunt!

Click here to view more details !

The sale ends this Friday, September 26th.

daring adventures in creative biz starts monday!

There are just a few spots left if you want to join us for a 3 month dive into your Creative Biz!

I’ve been developing Daring Adventures in Creative Biz: 
Business & Artistic Discovery for People Who Want to Live Their Dreams. 
For 3 months, we’ll spend each week diving into what it takes to passionately run a Creative Business while staying inspired as an artist and creative.

Each week we’ll dig into themes of :

I’m writing to you with a unique offering:
40 spots in Daring Adventures in Creative Biz {Pilot Course}
3-month class where we dive into your Creative Biz! 

$125/month (limited to 40 people)
$250/month includes a 1-on-1 hour-long Creative Mentoring session with me each month
(best value; limited to 10 people)

*Learn all about my awesome individualized Creative Mentoring & read testimonials here

We will delve into this Creative Biz adventure through:

  • Weekly themes
  • Interviews with experts in the field
  • Group phone calls to stay focused
  • Facebook group + support
  • “Homework” to make creative inquiries and take steps forward
  • Sharing information from my personal experience, with help from expert guests
Just a few of our guests + their thriving ventures:

Hallie Grey: Home Textile Design Company

Emily McDowell: Card Line Company

Tiffany Han: Life Coach Extraordinaire

Margo Tantau: VP of Creative at Midwest-CBK


We’ll also be diving into the nitty gritty of topics like:

  • Deciding what direction to take your creative business
  • Marketing
  • Setting up shop: Etsy or otherwise
  • Website creation
  • Creative schedule: what works best for you
  • Process: inspiration seeking, creative field trips, “filling the well,” sustainability vs. burnout
  • Branding
  • Creative community
  • Creating a product line: card line, home decor, etc.
  • Agents
  • Book writing/proposals
  • Running online courses
  • Teaching opportunities
  • Trade shows
  • Illustration + licensing options
  • Brick-and-mortar shops
  • Gallery scene
  • Wholesale
  • Running a creative space and art studio
In January 2015, I will be embarking on an 8-month Creative Biz E-course, but I wanted to launch with a smaller (*more special*) group before I open enrollment for the public. If you want to continue on with the course in the New Year, you will have first dibs + a monthly discount!
And maybe you do too.
You can make the leap:
I want to share with you all that I’ve learned in over 10 years of running a Creative Biz!

Mati Rose McDonough is an artist and daring adventurer whose name is pronounced Matey, like Ahoy! She is a SF Bay Area based artist, illustrator, painting teacher and author of “Daring Adventures in Paint”.  After wanting to be an artist for many years, but feeling like it was “impractical”, at almost 30 years Mati took the leap and went back to art school at the California College of the Arts. Ten years later, she is still excited and terrified every time she sees a blank canvas. She has had dozens of art shows, taught painting classes internationally and had her art on Patagonia shirts, University Games, Pier 1 signs, as well as greeting cards, and her very own home decor line. She also has illustrated several children’s books including “i carry your heart” written by ee cummings. Through her workshops, book, and online course, she spreads a warm message of creative courage: it’s never too late to show the world your magic.  Discover more at