THIs pic is is cute b/c we’re dressed up, but captures my muffin-horseness.
hugh sold a painting just in the nic of time and took me out for our anniversary!
we went to charanga which is cuban-esque food. the chef, gabi, is the same who threw the amazing chinese new year’s party. yum!
we shared:
dungeness crab stew
mahi mahi encrusted with platanos
passion fruit mojitos
warm mexican chocolate cake
cuban cafecitos
now i am wired and trying to get through my to do list –how romantic, i know… i tell myself we’ll REALLy celebrate this weekend, plus H rented a documentary on torrets called “twitch” that he knew i didn’t want to watch b/c it would make me twitchy w/ having too much caffeine!
ANd i’m procrastinating a wee bit about starting this big self-portrait due tomorrow night for my illo project. cindy captures my internal dialogue perfectly!