every weds i like to give a shout out to a woman i admire.

monica is like the big sister i never had. we like the same textiles & colors. she gives me presents of beautiful flowered napkins like i would have wanted to buy for myself. she paints her home in luscious colors that i would want on my walls. she has good taste, or in an objective world, it is similar to mine!

what i admire most about monica is her gift as a musician, which we do not share! she is the most gifted & passionate piano player i have ever encountered. she plays in an amazing all women’s band called blame sally. they are such good energy & inspiring to see all older accomplished women who are confidently themselves. my favorite song of monica’s is “if you tell a lie”. here is what she writes on her website about the makings of this song.

thank you monica! we will have to take a long walk soon:)