i really should be reading about primitivism right now. i have class in 10 minutes! i just got out of a SIX hour class and needed a break tho. i have a 4 hour art history class full of sleepy slides- amazing i mean, but it’s so dark & cozy in that room and such a loooong day.

this weekend i want to finish my goals i set fourth earlier. FINISH my mom’s letterhead and kate’s bookeeper biz card! FINISH my portfolio website! i’ve been treating it so preciously, trying to find a way to encapsulate my evolving style. there is no way! i think i should just keep it simple, put it out there and update it as necessary. y’know?

it is scary to be back in school and accumulating all of this crazy debt. i need to do some “real world” art and my website should be the first step. i have an easy time brainstorming and being creative, but such a hard time finishing projects. i heard about this master artist from oxford who was voted the best drawer… the “ruskin” i think he was called. anyway, he maxed out on realistic drawing and went towards intuitive drawing, where he claimed he was never finished. he would have a show and part of the show was him continuing on his pieces. someone would buy his work and he would change it after they bought it. has anyone heard of this fellow? i’m blanking on his name…

alicia just sent me a link to her new website. her layers & photoshop skills are incredible!