i feel so sorta self-conscious about telling people who don’t have a blog about my inner blog life and THEN the fact that i have so many on-line people i care about, and online people who i know off-line, but am getting to know better on-line!
so i finally learned via kim how to list my friends & favorite blogs!! THANK YOU for passing that along. i realized tho that my blog looks different in different browsers. like in safari it is fine, but explorer everything is down at the bottom. ergh! plus my photos i post are so darn clunky. does anyone have suggestions on how to size them better? i’m such a web dummy… i need the web for dummies book, me thinks. fun to list my links tho! i admire you all. sorry if i inadvertently left out any friends or faves, it was an oversight… i still love you. y’all add so much juice to my creativity. xxxoooxox, m