many posts back i spoke of this project for my narrative drawing class of copying our influences. mine are many! it’s endless, but the main ones that i played with were:

1) a plastic finger puppet
2) birds from old bird watching books
3) the epson salt girl
4) the clayton bros
5) joel el rod
6) jean-pierre jeunet
7) japanese textile design
8) old simplicity patterns
9) margaret killgallan

here is the scroll i created onto an old musical sheet that was very fragile. but perfect b/c it had it’s own box to carry it!

here are a couple deets. it’s better as a whole. i used goache for the first time and my new sharpies.

good things came out of this project. it prompted me to meet joel el rod!

plus in doing research, i found out that i liked jean-pierre jeunet’s {amelie, city of lost children, etc.} movie’s b/c of his trademarked directing qualities from
~always casts dominique pinon
~likes characters with unusual facial features
~always uses wide camera angles
~his main characters are orphans or have lost a parent
i find all of these traits compelling in stories… the quirkiness, the scope, the story!

SO now i’m doing a drawing/painting based on the above playing! i worked on it yesterday and it looks AWFUL, but bad paintings are meant to happen. part of the process. i trust this.