would you eat this man’s food?

last nite i was invited over by tom to eat a 4 course meal cooked by vince, the former sous chef of millennium. in exchange for tom’s photos, vince cooked for 8 of us! mmmm… i feel i talk about food a little too much on my creative blog, but it is an art.

funny enough, even tho vince’s speciality seems to be vegan food, he cooked us buffalo! never having tried it, i’ll confess i did eat some… which is even stranger given i don’t eat red meat and have been basically vegetarian since i was a teen.

here is a shot of our dessert of chocolate heavenly fondue {with sonya & mia looking on} afterwards with reconstituted figs soaked in allspice and cloves and this season’s first strawberries. by the end of the night everyone had chocolate on their noses, chins and foreheads!

afterwards went to dolores park and swung on their swingset. i was reminded of my earlier post about pumping and how wonderful it was to learn how to do that as a kid, or to continue as an adult! pepe tried to convince all of us how to twist our swings sardinian style (he’s from sardinia, italy) and was very proud in his twisting style. it made everyone who tried very dizzy.

there’s nothing like good food, friends and swinging on a swing set to make me feel full!