the other night i was walking past paxton gate and saw these mice in the window! they reminded me of reading beatrix potter as a kid, especially the one where hunkamunka breaks into the doll house. looking closer, i realized that they were REAL stuffed mice… ahh! i remember seeing these before and they were dressed as mini elvi (elvises plural?) and other famous characters. paxton gate is self-described as a space with “treasures and oddities inspired by the garden and the natural sciences”, taxidermy included, and one of the neatest stores ever. my boy designed the little monkey logo, to boot!

speaking of my boy, i was also walking past my old home on 18th & lexington, which i lived in with my BFF and JR (see cuteness pic in post below), and we had a cruella divel downstairs neighbor, well crazy & depressed is a better description. you had the fear of god in you as you tip-toed at 8pm to make soup in the kitchen above her, because she inevitabily would come upstairs and say that you “were giving her a migraine from all that intentional pounding”… translated into putting a pot on the stove. i feel blessed to have sane people in my building these days! the point is that i looked on the ground and remembered that my sweetheart had stenciled a path of these kitties from my house to his, about 4 blocks away on so-van & 15th. some were still intact! swoon.

now that we live together i forget what that schelping back and fourth between our houses was like! always forgetting an article of clothing for work the next day, and feeling generally discombobulated with the split belongings. i actually took the kitty picture from an art carrier and strap thing, that he also made and stenciled onto, so that i could ride my bike and carry my drawings! what a sweetie. i think i’m also feeling sweet on him b/c he FINALLY cleaned up his clutter in the hallway, the less fun part of living together!