i’m in much need of today. the sun is out. i have the house to myself. i am appreciating now.

* i wrote a b-day card to my aunt kayleen
* i made an appointment with my advisor
* i feng shui-ed my studio with 2 new tables!
* i weeded my community garden plot & planted a rose from kendra
* i forgave the people who steal my calendula & tomatos… sort of
* i took pictures along the way
* i lit my chinatown candles for creativity, love, power & $… how SF am i?!
* i punched some numbers on my loans
* i wrote some neglected emails
* i rode my bike with it’s new basket c/o hugh!
* i made pesto
* i read a fat vouge (that i resisted buying) at the cafe
* i started my narrative drawing project and am excited about it!
* i made hugh & i separate & rather anal handrawn calendars that are cross-referenced with recipes and chores on them

back to the studio!