i just got home from work. blech. wiped. trained a new girl- trixxie! how cute is that name?

i feel like i have some major blocks from the things on my “to-do list” that i cannot quite finish! i did post an annoyingly long list over a month ago, and sadly there are still a few dupes on this list. posting it, helps me hold myself accountable!!! how do you all do it? i feel like i keep shuffling priorities, until it’s crucial that that thing is on the top. i must have 7 lists with all the same things around the house.

deep breath:

finish mission kate card
mom’s letterhead
exercise-yoga tomorrow?
use gift cert for cd
give linda & tod painting for wedding
pay phone bill
pay pat 100
pay rent
figure out loans that will owe after done with school
figure out minimum more i need to borrow
once and for all figure out BUDGEt smudget
see about ICAN student rate?
call jen & ed back re: babysitting sam
call kirsten about working for her the 18th
e-mail advisor about setting up apt!
grid out illo project for tomorrow
start big narrative project due march 10th
study slides for art history for mid-term march 10th
move table into studio
go to DMV, again
go to dental school
figure out summer work- drop of resume @ charanga & delfina
look at plane tix for kate’s wedding- make hugh buy one too
get shoes? sweater/wrap thing?
figure out how to get all summer weddings!
finish website
send appropriate b-day cards/gifts
work on kid’s books
call sab re: my pink umbrella
call kwc re: weekend plans!
confirm thurs plans w/ JR, amy G & kendra

i think with all of these blocks it is about breaking it down into smaller do-able chunks. ALSo a bit of dissassociation helps with the financial tasks. i like to pretend i’m working for a client named “pigtails” when i’m dealing with my bills, b/c it’s ridic and makes me laugh, and feel less serious about the financial stress of not having the $ to pay. ha! ha! am i schizo?

another trick is just getting started… i guess that’s the breaking it down… but tell yourself, “i’m just going to OPEN the bills”. “i’m just going to LOOK in the phone book for the dental school number”, etc.

i’ll report back later on my accomplishments! sometimes i feel i am so self-indulgent with my blog, but then i remember, it is mine to be self-indulgent with. who cares about my boring list, but at the same time, what’s the point of having a blog if it’s not going to serve ME?! OK, just going to peek at my loan info right now.