last night was magic. i sat in a hot tub on top of a hill with 3 amazing girls, while it rained. we sat until we were poached, with hot water surrounding us and cold heavy raindrops dropping on our heads. this i will remember.

in class we did a writing exercise where we wrote i remember sentences (50 of ’em). these i share:

i remember derick ilsley getting his fingers caught in his trombone.
i remember my polyester yellow “bear belly” nightgown, and not getting the joke.
i remember leaving my best friend on the corner and walking in separate directions, crying.
i remember running my socked feet on the ceiling above my bunk and the patterns it would make.
i remember joey fimple throwing eels onto telephone wires and making them electric!
i remember paying back penny by penny the cashier after stealing grape hubba bubba.
i remember the first time i learned about tricking someone.
i remember all significant compliments on my elementary school art.
i remember thinking that i had invented pegging my jeans.
i remember the smell of lilacs outside my bedroom in jamaica plain.
i remember wearing one black gove like MJ.
i remember the secret garden, the lion, witch & the wardrobe & the hobbit before the movies.
i remember deadheading flowers and feeling calm.
i remember feeling prissy & naive hanging out with amelia’s friends.
i remember the fear of the sound of a branch scraping my window next to my bed, and knowing it was a branch, but stiffening so that i could concentrate on any clue that it might be a burgular- until i fell asleep.
i remember my grammie telling me about daylight savings, and not believing her, but trusting her that i should go to sleep.
i remember my lace peach converses.
i remember realizing that love deepens, endlessly.
i remember apple picking with short hair and newly fall.