camille rose garcia

ohhh it’s been a few days since i’ve blogged, but that’s just b/c i’ve been outside soaking up the sun! it seems unfair to taunt you east coasters {and elsewhere} where winter has its’ strong hold, but OMG it has been so beautiful here in SF. i actually wore a halter & flip flops on friday and logged many hours at dolores park {our neighborhood beach} with ali. we had a picnic and i even got burnt on one shoulder. i brought this great book called “weirdo deluxe” which features the likes of camille rose garcia {see her work above!}, among many other serious players in the low brow art scene. ali showed me this book i so want to read called “the undressed art” about why we draw. it features yoshio, one of my models at school!

i feel like my last big entry was so flailing & stressssed! i am done mid-terms! yippee!

oh yes, i’m such a braggart, but i also wanted to mention my lucky stars at seeing one ms. tracy chapman at my fav cafe, who smiled at little old me. she is so beautiful & magnetic & soulful.