Last night in class we did a musical chairs exercise where we jumped around to different drawing boards and reacted to the model in either an attack mode or a caressing one. I loved it. I feel that is the essence of how I approach my art making best. In the attack mode you are moving quickly and expressively, losing yourself in the physical aspect of art making. In caress mode you are healing the wounds of the attack. Paying close attention to the model and treating your lines preciously. The back and fourth action between the two, and then moving to a new drawing board and trying to improve upon an image you were not previously invested in, is delight. it buries the artistic critic that pops up so much, especially in art school.

I also wanted to share the value of stretching. I had forgotten how much my body carries that needs release. This morning I was feeling so angry. Namely at some laundry thief who stole my favorite pair of jeans- really my ONE PAIR that were not paint spattered or ripped and actually made my butt look decent. People even complemented them (funny). I am so poor and can’t even afford a new pair! UGH. OK, I am still a bit upset! I went for a jog/walk to the park and stretched for longer than I ran, and remembered being in touch with my body. Hello there body, I had forgotten about you!

I think that is the biggest lesson I am learning is that when I am in my head too much, it is not a good place. It is critical and small and worrisome and sweating… the small stuff.

I need to get back into yoga, even if I don’t have the cash. I can do work exchange again.

Oh how nice, I am integrating caps again into my writing! I forgot that that was the norm?