above is a blurry shot of us at the ultimate surprise party last night {taken by mona on her fancy digi-cam} . i keep on laughing to myself when i think of the night!

i think it’s a worthy share. maybe someone else can try this technique! our friend chris was duped with a surprise birthday party, but in concept it was a spontaneous gathering of his friends. his girlfriend mona schemed it so that he would run into 30 of his friends and invite them to dinner, spontaneously. she emailed us requesting that well all participate in activities unrelated to one another on a certain block, at a certain time, and that chris would walk by {and we would act as if it were a coincidence} and we would be invited to dinner.

he totally bought it. someone was at the bus stop. someone was coming out of the library. hugh and i were at the cafe sipping tea. somebody else was reading a book written by chris {how coincidental!} at the coffee shop. others were riding bikes past. he thought he was in a warped reality, where his luck was up, and convinced us to buy 25 lottery tickets. {i wonder if we’ve won?!} he even kept a list of everyone he ran into… “see the list! you’ll never believe how many of my friends i’ve run into”. at one point i thought he had figured it out because it was so CRAZY to run into 25 friends, but he is a man about town and knows many a person. it was so cute. in the end we ate at a mexican restaurant and chris could not stop laughing at his own expense. ha ha! i see revenge in the future:)