using this website, in my narrative drawing class we came up with new assignments. here are mine.

draw your favorite socks.
draw day of the week underwear, ryhming is nice.
draw your first kiss.
draw the taste of your favorite food when you were 8.
draw your earliest memory.
draw the sensation of learning to ride a bike.
draw a school of fish based on your jr high friends or foes.
draw 5 embarassing moments with your opposite hand.
draw your interpretation of Dali’s “The Persistance of Memory”
draw your hair years 5-15.
{2nd in was s’posed to be more mary lou retton}

draw your most calm place.
draw using your most favorite and least favorite color, only.
draw from the perspective of your cat, fish or roach.
draw what it feels like for a fish to swim.
draw like you are swimming through oatmeal, with or without raisins.
draw from the perspecitvie of the BART ticket answerer.
draw like you are a migrant laborer picking grapes in Sonoma.
draw like you are a picky eater.
draw like you look like Giselle, the Brazilian supermodel.
draw like you are really hungry, then really full.
draw like you are a bull in a fight.
draw like you are an olympic shotput thrower.
draw like you are a champion chess player, losing.
draw the taste of humboldt fog cheese.

my favorites of other student’s:

draw everyone you’ve ever kissed
{i edited everyone, but people i at one point considered “boyfriends” and developed a code- fizz, bad & loved}

draw your hesitations.
draw after jumping up and down and running for 20 minutes really slowly.
draw an inanimate object rapping.
draw tomorrow.
draw a recipe card of your childhood experience.
draw a ficticious animal that represents your body odor.
draw from an old western film.
draw the last person you made cry and then erase them.