it’s funny to be back at home, where one grew up. i found my diary from my freshman year of highschool. eek! i was so hard on myself. i wrote down all these crazy specific resolutions:

-get up 1/2 an hour earlier every day b/c in a year it will add 7 and 1/2 days. what?
-get a boyfriend. speak to spencer, he’s a possiblitity. who?
-be fun and happy at drivers ed class. maybe meet friends and boys. don’t be intimidated or anything. huh?
-always get shampoo and conditioner. try not to be queer and greedy about them either it doesn’t matter who uses them (i think i used “queer” as in dorky)
-ask for help when i don’t understand aglebra 2. i don’t think i did.
-try not to obsess about a boyfriend. or this either!
-learn capitals of the states. accomplished!
-try not to take it personally when someone ignores you. don’t think of what you’re doing wrong. ohhh.

these were basically in this order, too. i guess my list-making self improvement quest hasn’t changed that much. i was so boy-boyfriend crazy. funnier yet are my lists of “outfits” i’ll wear. ouch.

i’m excited about finding a brown & pink quilt i started last summer when i was home. i’ll have to finish it and post a pic.
we made a trip to goodwill & the “freebie barn” at the dump. there used to be a man with a huge softball sized goiter (sp?) on his neck at the barn that i couldn’t stop staring at. i wonder what happened to him? my mom is on a felting/boiling sweater rampage and re-making chairs out of belts. so we scavenged for those. i guess i know where i got my crafty gene from!