i started this pequeno quilt the summer before last when hugh & i were in maine for a month. i then put it in a box unfinished and left it in the attic b/c we were off to mexico for some time. this past week back in maine i rediscovered it! actually, i asked my mom about it and she knew exactly where it was. we… i mean she finished sewing it together {and decided to be less ambitious and make it a baby quilt}! i am such a bad sewer, knitter and anything that is repetetive {boring}. i like the excitement of painting and making new marks. i like akward messy strokes and that just doesn’t fly with sewing… altho you will notice many squares are uneven. so in the end, even though i’ve done everything haphazardly i still want it to look neat and pretty, and that’s where my supermom comes in to tie it all up. thanks mom:) i’ve been making my bed every day now {3 days} just to showcase my new little number. can’t you tell i am ridiculously proud?!

here is a favorite section:

another choice grouping. actually i could do with out the little blue gingham flowers:

the back is all the same: