sometimes i have to tell myself STEP AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER.
sometimes i ration my time whilst making tea or… waiting for hugh to take a shower.
do y’all struggle with this addiction to surfing? visiting all your bloggies. i think, if only i didn’t have a job and school i’d have such a rockin’ blog! if only…
i have sooo much HW {that’s homework to you} to do it’s not even funny.
AND what did i do with my last 2 hours? i had lunch with my much missed friend catherine.
catherine is my woman of the day. she has “priceless” and a pony tatooed on her wrist and tomatos on her ankles.
who wouldn’t love this girl?! we worked at vegan delicious millennium together.
we went to cafe i am abundant, i am succulent, i am abounding, i am lovely, i am gracious {that’s what our receipt really sez}.
it’s “cafe gratitude”. we want to open a cafe attitude next door- service with a snarl. i am bitchy.
i’m really not. c’mon tea, boil dammit.
i am crazy about the small object today.
tea is boiled.