i believe in the ocean.
i believe in humanity.
loveme tender
i believe in optimism.
i believe in spirits.
i believe in growing flowers.
i believe i am a dreamer, who poured over books of medieval unicorns and beautiful portraits of saints as a child.
i believe in color therapy, but had not given it much consideration before writing this down.
i believe in mod colored sharpies.
i believe in little packages, all things tea, hard cookies, beauty in the handmade, humility, kind words, that we have a lot of answers within ourselves, loving children, praise, hope, small gestures.
i believe in the magic of sea creatures, especially jellyfish?!, i believe in friends that accept and inspire, i believe there are all types of connections, i believe in soft sheets and making ones’ bed although i never do.
i believe all things are more beautiful faded by the sea and salt air.
i believe in chico del pan with fresh apple cinnamon rolls on his head and his rejection of his past life, the bus of apple pies in tulum, gift giving, being generous as a priority, that you can shift your perspective.
i believe in ice cream carts, beauty in a sad story, lilacs, tomatoes on a vine, dog-eared books, free spirits, artist dates, mittens, pms, red wine, baths, lavendar, peppermint, nurturing, good soap, chinatown stickers and bowls and pocky “for men” and women, quilted, silk screened, collaged, worked over and expressive.
i believe in the vision of hieronymous bosch, gaudi’s la pedrera, mexican retablos, children stories, pablo neruda, ee cummings, road-trips, orange peels, drift wood, seaglass, cottages, big exotic jewlery, romare bearden, frida, giselle potter and my mom.