i just decided to bail out on going to hugh’s cousin’s wedding in LA. i had totally been planning on it, but then tonight i had the fantasy of not going and having a 3 day painting binge and solitude… dreamy… and having already scheduled work off i would actually have the entire weekend to just paint!!! can you imagine the luxury?
so i hemmed and hawed and called my wonderful new classmate christina and she agreed that i have way too much work to do {we only have 2 weeks left}! then my darling kate called and further encouraged. and then sweet sabrina with reminding me to take all the freedom when i CAN! my friends are so supportive and necessary, even though i think i had already made up my mind, it made me feel less selfish! as much as i would love to spend time with hugh’s family, i do believe i would be so preocuppied with the work that i was neglecting.
so i hope i will have many exciting new projects to post over the weekend of my progress:) so long malibu, i’ll catch you after finals, when i can really whoop it up!
**oh yes the above is from doodling today. i’ve been using an old book as a notebook b/c it is less daunting than white clean pages. and the “in bred” is a sticker i got at the APE. i will try to post more doodles as they come!
ps- jessie that means you can come git your bike tomorrow dude!