i wanted to share these random bits.
garden sign
the sign in front of our community garden, which is not effective.
rose geranium
rose geranium {i think} that has bloomed and taken over my garden.
evan hecox
winning this print at an auction by evan hecox, my most favorite skateboard artists!
strawberry suitcase
rediscovering this strawberry suitcase of mine.

i had wonderful day yesterday filled with:
~bowls full of latte and morning buns with my dear friend/ ex-college beau chris and his entire family!
~being mellow with sab discovering tivo-ed “punk’d” and “project runway” with take-out thai.
~hours spent pouring over botanical, textile design and comic books at the art/design lib at my school!
~painting in my studio another weird pic of a bird-man and cat. soon i will share:)