funny, i was trying to download photos from this new camera hugh got me– bought from his friend stephen who upgraded.
CHECK IT out… all crazy collage. strangely enough it fits how i feel this last week left of school, painting like a fiend on a friday night:0

now i know why he was selling this camera for cheap! ha ha, even scarier is that one of these pics accidentally got dragged onto the screensaver for a nice freaky surprise for my boy. he’ll think i did it purposely which is funny. especially since i replaced his pretty screen art. hee. btw, i take pics of myself for painting purposes, really. not just for scary glamour shots!

hugh also bought this amazing new flat screen monitor! it makes all the colors brighter and i’m realizing my colors were hideously distorted before, so all of you have been seeing my blog as techno-color and sherbert reds all this time?? or how does that work? everyone’s monitors are always different, eh?