update: my teacher apologized in class tonight for not making my appointment and we talked a bit about how i’m doing and my concerns regarding the {generic} work i’m seeing in the upper levels, and do the teachers encourage individuality & creativity? he said to keep doing what i’m doing, ultimately that i’m good, and they encourage good artists! aww, flattered. he said “illustration is the path of righteousness” and welcomed me to it. he’s pretty dramatic, in case you didn’t gather. yes he wears all black and has andy warhol type glasses.

**thank you jenny, again! you are my guardian angel these days, or something very dear, through the web:)

SO, i gots to go study for my art history final now.

i leave you with this little book i have been inspired by and have encouraged me in my creature makin’.

100 paintings

“100 Paintings” by Tim Biskup {this summer, that’s my goal!!}