sometimes in the morning it takes me a while to get my creativity flowing… i like to start with quick lists. Here are 10 things that make me glow. allow me to be self-indulgent and elaborate…

**first– good thoughts to my BFF who is taking a law final today and feels she didn’t study enough and is getting a hand cramp. you can do it sister soul!!!**

1) hugh and i have been pretend fighting about who’s gonna make the coffee in the morning– he usually makes it, but then sometimes he tries to manipulate me into making it. i’m trying to convince him that it’s HIS job. anyhow, hugh woke up late, or maybe was just defying me and didn’t do his job. alas, i had to go to my favorite coffee shop ever {atlas} and the guy behind the counter {joe?} gave me a free cup. ha!

2) i was riding my bike home last night from work in the wee hours singing patty page’s “i don’t care if the sun don’t shine, i get my lovin’ in the morning time”, and had recollections of driving from minnesota to illinois with my dear college friends kate wc, kara b and emily who was belting out this song on her driving shift on those icy mid-west roads. i think it’s from “priscilla queen of the dessert”?

3) running! i finally succumbed to my body’s wish to run. it was if i was intentionally denying my body any sort of aerobic release most of the semester. NO EXERCISE FOR YOU my mind said, must paint. not even a little? please? i gave in and ran to the park and laid my head in the freshly mown grass and looked at the beautiful blue sky and felt so very grounded and alive. and then those endorphins, man! they are still flowing.

4) painting… i’m sort of femming out with my painting lately. while in school i think i felt i couldn’t do feminine pretty paintings that i’m inclined to do, although i did use a pretty palate. now i’m painting moody pretty girls, bee hives and birds.

5) sleep over tonight at kate wc’s down in MP- menlo park, keeping it real near pristine palo alto.

6) reading michelle tea’s “chelsea whistle” and diane di prima’s “recollections of my life as a woman”, both memoirs of gritty childhoods. i love how they can tap right into their childhood senses–especially smell. why the heightened sense of smell as children?

7) giant fava beans, bigger than my head.

8) paid and signed up for open studios & illustration conference’s road show!

9) dad’s with babies… babies with cute fleece bear outfits. it kills me!

10) a new purple shirt that i feel i could make ( i always say that, but do i?) with birds ( i’m gonna be so sick of birds soon).