i thought i’d share this better version of inspiration savin’ that i learned from a classmate, whom i just ran into at yamo thai {my roomates and i used to call it mean thai lady b/c it was formerly owned by this cranky mean woman… who made a mean dish of pad thai}. yamo thai is such an amazing little closet of a restaurant, all veggie and dark red kitsch with ninjas playing on the wall, and a real record player and a cook from wisconsin who sounds australian!? if you live in SF and like greasy spoon yummy places, please visit– 18th & Mission.

BUT my point was that i ran into casey from class who taught me to preserve my inspirations in little removeable office depot plastic sleeves and snap them in and out of a binder, like so.
they stay if you spill paint on ’em and you can swap your inspirations around. casey has about 20 binders full and is the most prolific art student i’ve ever met. never resting always crafting during class. very inspiring and makes me a bit tired thinking about her activity! must go take a bath now and relax with my book:)