hugh's pixies poster
We went to a midnight show of the Pixies last night because my sweetheartdid the poster above! i love it so. It’s so rare that I stay up till 2am these days that it felt exciting. And then I just felt tired and my feet hurt.

Staying up late also corresponds with my thus far 2 day cleanse from this book: You Are What You Eat! No caffeine/sugar/wheat/dairy/alcohol or any “nasties” as she calls them in her funny British way. Why am I doing this? Because I LOVE COFFEE too much. Between school and the restaurant job with the espresso machine staring me smack in the face, I was working my way up to a tizzy of lattes. I feel better now, but earlier today, before all the guzzling of ginger-gingseng-detox-green (opps, a bit of caffeine snuck in!) I had a throbbing head. I don’t know if I’ll make it tomorrow.

Maybe the headache was also induced by my terrific neon run to target! I am so excited– I finally bought a new toilet seat:) Isn’t that pathetic how excited I am?! Hugh and I both practically want to kiss the new porcelain seat because we are so happy. Who cares about the Pixies, this toilet seat is the bomb! Our old one was all pocky and decrepit and we were obsessing about how If We Only Could Get A New Toilet Seat Our Lives Will Be Perfect. Basically tonight for the next few hours, they are. More than anything, I think we’re just proud that we were able to fix something, we’re both (me more so) inept in the home improvement department.

Blissing out… maybe that Duchamp guy had something.