~That’s what my brekkie was called “I am Plenty Great” at Cafe Gratitude, and it was! It’s day 4 of my “cleanse” sans cafe and all the rest. I feel pretty good, i mean plenty great! i think my body is adjusting to it’s natural highs and lows– i get hyper and talkative at night and Hugh hates me because we’re on opposite schedules, and groggy in the morning.
~Summertime. I’m feeling nostalgic for Mexico today.
~A basket full of Meyer lemons picked from my dear coach Pat! Time to make Marmalade, Curd or maybe try a new recipe of Meyer Lemon Liquer!
~Joining Cindy’s Kid’s Book Critique group! Thanks Cindy!
~Getting my grades yesterday! I’m a braggart, but I got straight A’s and 2 A pluses! Count them 1, 2. Never have I gotten an A+ before as a final grade. Not that grades even matter, but it still feels good. Especially that one of those pluses was in Illustration:)
~Having only ONE table last night at work that one that was so sweet. (I’m trying to ignore the fact that I made hardly any $!)
~Painting for our upcoming show in one week!
~Buffy & Chris’ wedding Saturday:)