I want to declare that I love this city!
It is full of generosity & synchroniCITY… rhyming not intended, but how appropriate:)
Pat gave me a bag of Meyer lemons from her tree & without knowing Tom was cleaning out his studio and gave me a box of canning jars for me to make marmalade!
AlsoChristy, whom I just met and found so many coincidences uncovered the artists behind my favorite mural on market street. I stress about not having a car and sweet Sabrina offers hers. Aimee at FLAX and Erica at the framing store were ever so helpful this afternoon. I felt a bit nervous about this art show, but I really am starting to trust that if you put it out there and take that risk, it will be provided for. I also am appreciating people being real about their insecurities and challenges~ Stef’s “exposed” entry made me well up.
Thank you.