our show was wonderful! it totally exceeded anything i had imagined– fire dancers in the garden, tons of fabulous people, trixxie carr singing cyndi lauper and prince, selling 6 paintings, and feeling generally blissed out at all the nice things people were saying! not to mention sharing it all with dear hugh, too!

i will go back and take pictures, but in the meantime here are some shots from freaky pony’s cell phone!

my fuzzy triptych above and hugh’s diptych below:)
detail from my painting… she’s so little! just like the cropping of my face above.
she is so little
and lastly me deliriously happy and seriously chubby cheeked (i asked hugh 5 times to assure me that my face doesn’t really look so wide in real life, or does it? does it really hugh, or is it just the bad cell phone camera? hugh? really? poor guy) i’m posting it just to prove to myself that i’m not soooo vain and to subject myself to someone telling me to wear makeup again!