i’m feeling better, less foggy and fever. i slept for a solid 12 hours last night, i considered it my job: sleep, tea, books, silly movies, a long bath with lavendar salts, pho noodle soup, throat lozenges and orange juice. all the luxurious ingredients to healing.

these were the first pics i took on my trip in NYC. my friends jesse and bekah are pedi-cabbing to make some extra bucks and huge muscles. here is jesse weaving through traffic– being traffic!

here is Bekah Fletcher my Best Friend Forever (BFBFF) and me in the garishly cute pink & orange recycled shirt with fly fishin’ on it.

i tried biking too, but was not bold enough to enter NYC traffic. my friends are fierce i tell you!

and lastly by not leastly, here is a pic of daisy, the youngest artist in our family, with her very own show in portland, maine! she sold out! i love the artwork behind her the most of a mouse carrying olives:)