i came here specifically to erase my last 2 posts about my fears & financial woes. after reading your supportive comments i feel less alone and calm in my vulnerbility. thank you. i think to deal with ones own stuff you have to work through it. own it. face it in the eyes and expose the scariest place. my head hurts today from hashing it out, but it’s all part of the process and progress. i trust this. no more fear. i feel stronger.

furthermore i know that i am a smart girl. i have a lot of resources if i seek them. i just need to educate myself in a non-judgemental way about finances. i wasn’t born with this knowledge and i have a steep learning curve. oh yes. i also want to take myself more seriously as an illustrator, and think of myself as a small business, nurturing the business side as much as the creative side. i’m excited to figure this out. my head still hurts though!