happy august first!
i had an amazing neighborhood day yesterday! it started with a bike ride on my new purple bike with streamers & a banana seat from hugh to the opera! not really, but to their warehouse on cesar chavez, where they were selling all of their old props and costumes! billowing poufy dresses, velvety capes, ballerina skirts, medieval ornate tapestry, geisha wigs, furniture that was 1/3 smaller than it should be to look in the distance on stage! people were transformed from their regular weekend clothes to 18th century madames and sires. i got some great silk fabric to maybe someday make a skirt, a big green sun hat for a $1 and a crazy june carter/ bride of frankenstein aqua dress perfect for day of the dead for a pretty penny. at one point hugh was looking very ren fair with a cape and i said, “all you need is a sword” and before i knew it some man brought one over for him:)

then last night we participated in a cuadrilla, which is like a progressive covering 8 houses in our neighborhood. we started out at chris & mona’s for appetizers and then on and on to new houses and history and food and drinks and more food and drinks. i have such mission pride right now learning about many of our neighbors who are amazing writers, activists, swimmers, geographers and incredible cooks with these secret spaces with backyards with fruit trees and hot tubs. we ended at our house for dessert of strawberry & rhubarb pie (my fave & gluten free for hugh!), plum fruit compote and berry crisp and homemade avacado and cherry ice cream care of our friend adrienne! i’m still full…