when i get older i wanna still be caught singing the beastie boys on high volume!
anywho, this is a quick sketch, but i liked the idea & spontaneity captured with my first thought. plus, i want to work on other things today:)
i have big things on my mind like:
~what color should i paint my bedroom?
~pale blue?
~is Beck really a scientologist?
~why is it summer and i’m wearing a corduroy jacket, sweater & hat (well i do love my aforementioned hat)?!
~does meredith like the fatter drawing i did?
~am i lactose intolerant?
~why did i think yesterday was bring your pet to blog day, and am i starting a new category of bring your sister’s pet to blog, and why oh why do i even want to particpate when i only have a goldfish?
~jessie, will you meet me at the playground with your skateboard when we’re 90 with your boombox/ipod/music machine of the future?