Me Cozy tagged me and now I tag 5 more: Meredith, Jessie, Stef, Laurel & Andrea

idiosyncrasy – a structural or behavioural characteristic peculiar to an individual or group.

1. I hold my pen funny. Hugh says it’s as if I only just picked one up… “Ahh, what’s this peculiar object? How does it work?” My first grade teacher Mrs. Rodis tried to correct me, but I refused to change my grip. I’m also bad with chopsticks.
2. I bite my thumb… when I am thinking, nervous or watching a movie, or even sometimes I catch myself biting while riding my bike because I like to multi-task.
3. I sneeze multiply and like a cat or hamster. Do hamsters sneeze? My record has been 18 times.
4. I like sliding piles of very important documents.
5. My belly often shows because I have a long torso. I hate that people think that I like to show off my belly. I try to wear undershirts.