i finally did it! i got a clear print, and then some. i figured out a good set-up on my ironing board with a cutting board, it’s the right height and easy to put a shirt around perfectly. if you really peek under the shirts you can see my new olive colored love seat scored from our nice and meticulously neat gay male neighbors who live in a loft and were updating their look to contemporary-mod when they moved in together. love it! it’s in such good shape. and that drapey thing is where our tv is, we like to cover it for safety and pile big books on top like that 1300 pager (eegads) the power broker for book group. oh and beyond that are sculptures that hugh’s dad got when he was doing field work as an anthropologist in ghana. do you like my guided tour? hee.

ps- i just had a part-time job interview at a law firm! i felt like such a poser in my suit with my paint speckled watch and hot pink interior of my jacket. all ramshackle and, really i’m an artist, but i really want a steady morning gig while i go to school. we’ll see!