Last night I went to Target with my co-worker Julie who has a car. I went to the teen section and it kind of upset me how much I liked the clothes and how much they had “targeted” my fashion desires- long torso covering tank tops (i’m refraining from calling them what i usually do because it seriously insensitive, right? aka “wifebeaters”, there said it anyway!), small corduroy jackets with hoods, short cardigan sweater wraps, boleros… you get the gist. All for so cheap. It’s a mean joke. I want to buy handmade and I find it agitating and simultaneously amazing that I can find these crazy cute things at: H&M, Forever 21, Delia’s and now Target. Furthermore, it’s a bit scary that I’m almost 30 and I’m wearing clothes for teens! Ahh!

I know everyone posts cute handmade clothing lists and this is nothing new, but I’m going to start a) making a line of my own t-shirts and b) compiling my own list of affordable handmade clothes for people to refer to to counteract all these presumably slave-labor cheap & seriously cute, but lacking in love clothes. DIY & handmade all the way!!!

If there are any that you really love (especially if they are your own designs!) please leave a link here. Thanks!

PS- I’m realizing that by writing that post that I really do want to start a t-shirt line and am wondering if anyone would like to collab on some designs in the future? I like partners.

PPS-KWC are you back from Hawaii yet? This means input from you, lady!