my hugh, my boyfriend, my fiance, rather. having a difficult time with calling him that! FI-ance. i LOVE people looking sideways… if you’ll notice in my drawings! i probably made him pose like that.
i took this picture yesterday for bring your pet to blog day, but didn’t post it because i promptly spilled the entire container of fish food over everything–cds, books, and the recently mopped floor which made it all stick. why does fish food smell like fish? do you like the campus cutie to the left? i always call them tofutti cuties by mistake. the first halloween hugh and i were together i dressed as a campus cutie– all white with a vintage dress and white face paint. i looked horrible, like a very pale drag queen. plus we went to a party and met all of hugh’s friends for the first time, it was great (sarcasm). my bff bekah came along as peppermint patty from charlie brown and we were quite the unattractive pair! remember bek?
this monstrosity (sp?) is coming with us to burning man, my first. hugh is going to give rides and i’m going to take them:) i have this idea of him, or maybe better someone else, peddling us to get married in this if it doesn’t get ruined by all the playa dust.
i’m feeling very in love with hugh today and his sideways glances. it helps that he did his dishes. he’s such a good one.