this is a card i just did for bekah… it’s a bit premature to post since she hasn’t given me the final final go-ahead, but i like it so. bekah and i met in kinder and she shared crayons with me. she doesn’t remember this, but i do. she’s an amazing friend and jewelry designer, and in law school in nyc to boot! i love her so:) cecilia is a little seal.

here is a pic of us in 4th grade at her grandmother’s house in her grandma’s clothes pretending cocktail party. we used to show people this picture and ask… “how old do we look? 25, right?” feeling all sophisticate. the truth shows in my gangly 10 year old body:) bekah’s the savagely tan one.

bekah and i have decided to start a gratitude journal of some sort. maybe collaborative blog style like one of my faves port2port, just to keep it real and appreciative.