we have so much to do today, but i feel so happy and productive getting it done! the yummy (gluten free for my sweetheart) pancakes with maple syurp sure does help:)

laundry, moving our studio due to a renovation project (a roofdeck & skylights to come!), grocery shopping for burning man, cleaning the house for a houseguest to stay while we’re at the desert and catering a fancy party tonight:)

i found a list of to-do’s while i was organizing the studio and it made me realize how much i had accomplished this summer and then already forgot about!
~my show at Triptych (listing and crossing off all of the crazy logistics with getting frames,etc. with not having a car!)
~our Monster Girls show at the Attic!
~weddings in Maine & Illinois & a visit to NYC
~volunteering at the Illustration Conference and showing my work at the roadshow with “100 of the best illustrators”!
~now Burning Man to end the summer exploration and adventure and braveness and hardwork!

I need to remember this feeling of accomplishment and contentment when I’m feeling overwhelmed and nervous.