steph looking sideways & very audrey hepurn!

last week i had lunch with my friend and blogger stef. i hadn’t seen her in over 4 months (the age of her new daughter kadison)! sad, but true. anyhow, i felt almost all caught up because i’ve been reading her blog, however it doesn’t compare to the real person:)

we were talking about how funny our blog world is… the feeling of knowing all these bloggers so intimately, but not really at all. comparing our blogs to others and feeling that we lacked focus… it’s not all craft, not all art, it’s just our personal lense of the world… snippets of this and that. anyway, it was a funny meta conversation.

i also had the opportunity to meet shash from mecozy on friday! so nice. it is wonderful to meet people in the flesh. hear their voices, see their smiles and connect in person. i wish i could meet all y’all!