A belated self-portrait. I want to remember feeling strong and letting go. let go. peel away the layers. accept. be alive. these were my mantras on the desert.

This was taken while I was standing on a chair, after holding up a solar shower for Hugh. This may or may not look like me. I’ve been told I’m full of contradictions. Strong and feminine and shy and outgoing and cautious and spontaneous and sensitive and oblivious all mixed up. In the next photo I have a goofy grin. Inside the Fun House at the base of the man were “true mirrors” where they reflected how others see you. At first it was subtle, and then like seeing yourself for the first time. Funny what reversing your image can do to your perception of self.

my mom once sent me a postcard that i have stuck in my journal with a great quote from a preface of an unnamed book she was reading:

“The problem of self identity is not just a problem for the young. It is a problem all the time. Perhaps the problem. It should haunt old age and when it no longer does it should feel that you are dead”.

What do you think of that?