“You, whose day it is
get out your rainbow colors
and make it beautiful”

-from a card from my mom… a traditional Nootka song it says

Stripy rainbow socks worn at burning man for the Stripy sock competition! And for Self Portrait Tuesday!

Today I painted for the first time since moving my studio, about a month! What relief! Color, messy, freedom… no drapes!

We have Open Studios in about a month and I need to kick into gear. Yipes!

Meredith, Laurel & I made a mad dash to Scraps today 1/2 an hour before they closed. I got a couple old kid’s books, canvases and stamps to fuel me.

Hugh is making fresh pesto with pumpkin seeds instead of pine nuts. it feels like fall today, crisp air.

I am trying to be more disciplined and a morning person… out of the door at 8am and into my studio with coffee in hand for 1 week and 2 days so far! Can she keep it up? It is so nice to be in before everyone else with my music blaring and slow waking up.