~ having a good little cry.
~ hugh making a most delicious salad of olives, fresh figs, tofu and the most amazing homemade ginger sesame dressing for lunch today. OK, that alone is enough.
~ ms. penelope with her thoughtful words after my voicing my newbie illustration woes.
~ honesty honesty honesty.
~ stretching (physically & mentally & drawing wise).
~ acknowledging my artistic growing pains!
~ planning with my studio mates for open studios in but ONE week!!!
~ seeing Jessie (all the way from New Mex) & Kaden for Vietnamese tonight.
~ making Thursday night Laundry/domestic night for me & H.
~ a tidy house for a whole week!
~ planning… dreaming… of a trip camping, a trip to LA and the hopes of meeting Swirly Girl and maybe Ms. Gwyeneth P., Thanksgiving in New Mex and NYC for my B-day (the big 3-0)!? And 2 weeks at home in Maine. a little much, I know on a waitress & student & artist budget, but a girl can dream.
~ refraining from eating chocolate chip cookies at work. not even one, even though they are so tempting and right in front of my face calling to me all live long day.
~ laughing & spooning too…