so much for the mini-vacay, now i’m sick!

runny nose & feverish feeling. i thought i was being so sassy by nipping that in the bud, i guess it will take more than a few hours of rest:(

tonight i will lay my head to a movie, eat some soup, echinacea and drink some juice. anything else?

i’m sorry i’m not answering any emails/returning phone calls for a bit… i cannot keep up. i think blogging casts a wider net, but who am i kidding? i know my parents, sister and a few people read at least?

i miss my mom’s orange slices with cinnamon when i’m sick. gingerale too. egg in the hole (bread with a hole cut out for the egg) sometimes refered to as peter pan, anyone? i’m homesick for being little and on the brown couch with the afghan that my sister jesse and i used to braid the ends of. mine were always better-more uniform- braids i think. hee. and fighting for space on the cushions… keep your feet offa my side! i miss watching the only 2 movies we owned because we didn’t get any good channels! make that 3, didn’t we own “ruthless people” too, jesse?

sweet dreams.