2 birds in hands
i feel better now.

we went away on a little trip to point reyes friday & saturday to scout out *wedding* spots!

maybe i’ll post a few pics later.

our latest thinking is to scrap the far-away idea and have the ceremony here at a beautiful outside public spot (which i’m going to keep a secret for now) and the reception at a community art center that is in our hood. the perfect combo of beauty and grittiness and in line with our values and lack of moola.

point reyes is beautious. the eucalyptus smells. the crisp air. the getting lost. again and again. a scallop arugula salad with pomegranate seeds. late night hotubbing and looking up to all the stars. a gracious inn host named steve. a walk on heart’s desire beach. nice and needed regrouping.

back to homework.

maybe i’ll post a pic of what i just worked on… 2 birds in hands are worth more than 4 in a bush? i can’t get enough of the birds, now can i?