my teacher wrote this on my sketch pad.

i’m going to try to post more of my art, as i intended this to be an art blog:) lately it’s been more musing of my stress, gratitude and miscellanea. i want to be able to look back and see my growth as an artist. however, i know the aforementioned is all wrapped up in growing, too.

i imagine i don’t post my art often because i’m making so much and so much of it is bad… or rather i hate it immediately after and just want it to go away. but then when i reflect back on pieces i’ve made and especially those that are sold and are no longer with me, i miss them. they are little pieces of me and where i was at in that moment, or many layered moments. (another reason i maybe don’t post all my art is that it seems inconsistent and exploratory… but that’s baloney because there is a thread holding it together and that is my eye and my hand, no?)

heidi, a talented artist, who sold beautiful scarves and crazzzy wonderful sewn fiber sculpture creatures, allayed my fear of keeping my old work around even though i detest it (my outdated website art is sooooo bugging me). she said that she likes to see people’s growth and to see the train of thought, and the little bits of inspiration that lead to the next foray (or something like that). needless to say, it was a reassuring perspective. another side note about heidi, is that she is living my somewhat of a dream life by working in a bakery part-time, living on a farm and also working at a yarn store. if only i didn’t crave this city environ, weren’t a shoddy knitter and didn’t have a boyfriend allergic to bread… or maybe that’s the answer to get my daily fix?!

so many different lives to lead. i think that must be a saggitarius trait to want to live them all and travel constantly, or just a creativity trait? who knows. i jsut found out woody allen was born on my b-day. i don’t see so many similarities, so maybe that horoscope thing doesn’t hold water. off to paint more to the wee hours!