so in love
today is my sweetheart’s birthday.
he’s 37! that makes me feel little turning 3-0 soon enough.

these pics i found in hugh’s saved photos taken by my best friend foreva bekah fletcher (BFFBF!) before going to the opening of the asian art museum. we were drinking martinis in hugh’s old studio apartment in the tenderloin. the apartment was so small and dark and loud and dingy and full of cat litter, but i didn’t care because i was so smitten by him. his eldery cat fred used to pee on his futon couch/bed, so when i first met him he would put boxes on his bed to keep fred off with drawings and notes to fred that said “no cats on the bed, this means you FRED!” or something terribly cute like that.

this morning i made gluten free blueberry pancakes and got up early before hugh to make the coffee (a rare occurance) and we snuggled for a bit to a documentary on suburbia. i feel so lucky. happy birthday H.