hammock copy
having a hammock in our bedroom was a serious dream of ours after sleeping in one in mexco for many months!

i turn 30 in 9 or 10 days depending on whether or not you count today. december 1st, baby!
a new decade. i’m feeling kinda unmotivated and a bit blue today, so i thought i would look back.
this was my list when i turned 29. i want to re-work this and put out some new dreams and intentions.

i would like to feel proud for doing these things on my old dream list:
~i published an illustration for real in a magazine! debuting in january:)
~i went to burning man
~i finished my quilt (with my mom’s help!)
~i made a portfolio website
~i got a new digi cam, but then it broke again!
~we set up babysitting dates to spend QT time with hugh’s niece Nora Nu Nu

i would be so interested in seeing your dreams. if you post them on your blog, clue me in please:)

off to my studio with a manu chao cd to cheer me up!